Debi Fitzgerald (1954 – 2016)

Debi Fitzgerald was a rarity among us. She was fortunate to have the capacity to combine her artistic passion, love of nature and commitment to others, into her career.

She began her career at age 12, drawing animal portraits and was, at the time of her induction in 2003, a professional artist for more than 25 years. Her appreciation for detail and intuitive kinship with the fluidity of living things, gained her the title ‘Rose Lady’ during the ‘70’s and ‘Wolf Lady’ during the ‘80’s. In the 1990’s, she was twice named National Artist of the Year by Ducks Unlimited.

Her creations can be found in collections at Buckingham Palace, as well as major corporations and galleries around the world. She shared her works to raise funds for numerous charities and conservation groups.

It’s often said that art reflects life. With Debi Fitzgerald, it can also be said, art reflects the artist.

Debi Fitzgerald passed away following a battle with cancer June 13th 2016 in her 63rd year.

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