Wellington E. “Wimpy” Borland

The origin of the Nickname “Wimpy” for his proper name of Wellington can be a story of legend.

As a young man and softball player, it was Wellington Borland’s penchant and habit to have a hamburger on the way home – a ritual so often repeated that he was dubbed ‘Wimpy’ after the cartoon character in the then-popular Popeye comic strip. True or not – it does make for a good story, and also serves to dispel any notion that Wellington could have got it for any other reason – as a ‘wimp’ he certainly is not.

Wellington E. (Wimpy) Borland is a super citizen and volunteer – the kind of dedicated person with few equals. Peterborough is the better for his service, and involvement.

Duly honoured as the 2003 Citizen of the Year should well signify the high regard in which Wimpy is held. And for so many good reasons – from coaching Mark Street Church hockey and ball teams; immersed in the organizational areas of the Scouting and Girl Guide movements: the St. James Players Theatre Company: Peterborough’s Snofest : St. James breakfast program, and so and many more.

In the words of Pathway Literary Honouree (2010) Ed Arnold, “The man is amazing. He’s one of these guys who, upon reading all the things he has done, makes you wonder what you have been doing! But the best thing about him is – he always seems happy. “

The Pathway of Fame is happy to welcome Wimpy Borland – Honouree 2015.

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