The Heffernan Family

The Heffernan Family, a talented singing group from Lakefield, long consisted of six siblings and a friend. They learned their music in the family home of Barbara and Kevin Heffernan and was deeply rooted in Irish musical traditions.

The oldest siblings and a friend founded a high school band in 1969 and gradually, the younger siblings joined the group. They were Mary Jo (now deceased), Betty Ann, Kevin, Michele, Patricia and Jeanie, and with the addition of Tom King and his harmonica became ‘The Heffernan Family and Friends.’ These pioneers of the Peterborough Celtic sound performed for masses, weddings and funerals, and eventually played the Peterborough Market Hall and Peterborough Showplace, for Christmas concerts and fundraisers for charities.

They have four albums to their credit: ‘Stay Awhile’ (1997); ‘All the Folks are Home’ (2001); ‘Heart of an Immigrant’ (2011) and ‘The Village Concert – Story and Song’ (2013). The history of the family and Lakefield have been celebrated in the letters of Patricia and Mary Jo, printed in the Lakefield Herald as “Letters from Home,” some of which were published in booklet form in 2013. The Heffernan family has delightfully captured the spirit of the community for some forty years.

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