Linda and Alan Slavin

“’Tis not too late to build a better world…”

So said the iconic Canadian political leader, Tommy Douglas.

Linda and Alan Slavin are living examples of the truth of that statement.

The dynamic couple have been generations ahead of their time, working tirelessly to educate people in the community to make change for all in determinants of our health: physically, mentally and socially, and we are the better for their foresight.

Linda and Alan Slavin not only “talk the talk,” but they walk the walk – whether it be promoting matters of social justice, or the environment, or climate change. Individually and together they have led, educated, inspired, challenged and serve the Peterborough and area community in so many ways. They have widened understanding of our interconnected world.

Both have undertaken different initiatives for greater community good in such fields as climate change and women’s equality. In so doing, they have attempted to make us all better citizens.

Ms. Janet Duke (Linda’s sister) summarizes Linda and Alan’s vision and leadership best with these words…

“Together, she and Al have lived their lives in complete harmony with their values. They are a strong, connected couple that has lived a purposeful, and intentional life.”

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