Gordon Roper (1911-2012)

Gordon Roper (d. 2012) was a Professor of English Literature at Trinity College, University of Toronto from 1944-1969, and then at Trent University from 1969-1977. His family was rooted in Peterborough, and he was a major scholar of local writers such as Robertson Davies, Susannah Moodie and others. His family came to Peterborough in 1915 when his father joined the staff of the local YMCA. He enjoyed lifetime friendships with F. M. de la Fosse, local naturalist William A. Breyfogle (1905-1958), Margaret Laurence and Mr. Davies.

He received the Peter Robinson medal in 2000 for his contributions to Peterborough and to its literary history. Streets in Peterborough – Roper, Hawthorne and Melville – were named for his heroes. His students have included professors now at Trent University, and the former Governor-General Adrienne Clarkson.

Gordon Roper was a pioneer in bringing the writing of local authors, to life.

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