Gertrude Cox

Born in nearby Castleton, Gertrude Cox came to Peterborough in 1924 to teach art and paint. She studied art extensively and, from 1950 to 1971 was in charge of the Arts and Crafts Program in Peterborough City, and County Elementary Schools. During the same time, she taught art in the Teacher Training Program for the Ontario Department of Education.

Besides being a superb teacher, Gertrude was also a significant artist in her own right. She experimented with various media, but is best known for her watercolours. Her works, first displayed at YMCA in 1939, delighted gallery viewers across Canada. In 1945, she was a founding member of the Peterborough Group of Painters.

Today, Gertrude Cox’s watercolours can be enjoyed at the Art Gallery of Peterborough.

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