Frank Schoales

It’s argued by many the history of Canada is also the history of broadcasting.  For much of the 20th Century, this Dominion was a community of communities, held together and connected to each other by radio waves.

Frank Schoales was the Peterborough embodiment of both these worlds.

First hired as engineer/technician with CHEX Radio in 1942, Frank was the man who kept the shows on the air, and set up the remote broadcasts for which radio, of a different era, was so famous.  Through this job, he commanded a front row seat to historical events in the city, and country.  From the happy sounds of Glenn Miller, of Del Crary at Club Aragon, to social events, ceremonies, elections, sporting events and disasters, Frank allowed us to witness the voices of our history from the comfort of our home.

Through his work with The Peterborough Museum, and Trent Valley Archives a large number of these broadcasts are preserved for future generations to experience.

With his microphones and twists of cable, Frank Schoales gave us a precious gift: our living history, ‘live and direct.’

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