Drew Monkman

A few are fortunate in life, in that what is done for a vocation by its very nature can expand into hobbies and interests that can be shared with others.

Such is the case of public school teacher, Drew Monkman. He shares nature’s changing seasons with those he teaches by having his students become more conscious of the environment, and how each has a part to play in preserving it. He preserves his passion for nature, as well, on film as he is an expert photographer capable of capturing new beginnings in flowers, birds or trees.

Drew Monkman is familiar to many readers of The Peterborough Examiner as he writes of his birding tours, or to seek signs of early spring among the wild flowers found growing in Peterborough County. He writes of these experiences so well that many readers are compelled to take up his wonderment with the inspiring world around us, and begin their own treks to expand their personal knowledge of nature.

  • photo courtesy The Peterborough Examiner
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