Dr. Donald Munro (1868 – 1957)

In the early part of this century, no one was more important to a community than a family doctor. Doctor Donald Munro met all medical requirements in the village of Warsaw and area, adding much more to the vitality of the community.

Dr. Munro opened his Warsaw practice in 1907. A time when house calls were the norm, he braved all kinds of weather to attend to more than 3,000 births over a 50 year period.

Reaching out to the heart of the community, Dr. Munro served as Church Elder, and Sunday School Superintendent at St. Andrew’s Church for over 25 years.

A self-taught violinist, he shared his love of music by teaching and conducting a local concert orchestra and, as an ardent political activist, he served as president of the East Peterborough Liberal Association.

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