Dino and the Capris

Each generation wishes to define its youthful existence through a definitive expression, thereby leaving its imprint on the modern evolutionary process.

So it was, the explosive 1960’s gave birth to a dedicated and talented group of young musicians, initially named “The Capris” and subsequently “Dino and the Capris.” It became one of the most popular groups to entertain three generations of Peterborough and area audiences. Whether rock and roll, or country and western, the group’s music was the sound of the 1960’s for this area.

From its formation, throughout its active playing years, the intent was to entertain as many young people as possible while improving on their musical talents. Its members, through the period spanning 1963 through 1986, included lead singer Paul (Dino) DeNoble, Garry Warriner, Ron (Hub) DeNoble, John Barnes, and Dave Coones.

One needs only to talk to anyone about those years to determine the impact of Dino and the Capris. Sheer love of music fuelled the musicians who played in the group over that time. Each participant usually spent whatever he earned to purchase more equipment to enhance their ability to produce the best sound possible.

The late Paul (Dino) DeNoble (deceased 1992) led the most popular Peterborough dance band of its era. People remain grateful for memories of the always-energetic group of musicians, namely Dino and the Capris.

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