Agnes Logan Green

The impact made by Agnes Logan Green on the appreciation of fine music is multi-faceted. But what else could be expected from such a multi-faceted talent?

As a youngster, her talents bordered on that of child prodigy, beginning on the piano at age four, giving recitals at age 12, sweeping music competitions and studying in England by her teens.

Agnes forsook a concert career for life and love in Peterborough. She often performed locally and spent years teaching music. As one of the original Peterborough Concert Committee members, she brought luminaries such as Glenn Gould to the City. During the 1950’s, Agnes performed a classical concert series on CHEX Radio.

Always willing to lend a helping hand, Agnes Logan Green was an early supporter of Kiwanis Music Festival and Kawartha Music Camp, as well as a number of worthy local causes.

Agnes Logan Green passed away on 2002.

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