Robert H. Bannon

Freely giving away to others that which is your own expertise may qualify one as a Samaritan. To do so however a calm, never judgmental demeanor may help assure such a title.

Such is the nature and gift of Robert H. (Bob) Bannon whose greatest passion lay in his knowledge and love of the “pipes”- as in bagpipes. He belonged to the General Electric Pipe Band for 30 plus years, being its Pipe Major for 26 of those years. It was during that time Bob Bannon taught more than a hundred people both young and old, never asking as much as a penny for his lessons.

During his tenure as Pipe Major the GE Pipe band won many prestigious awards at highland games across Ontario and the Northern USA. In 1966 the band won the honours of North American champions.

It was, however, as a patient, understanding, teacher of that most cantankerous musical instrument for which Robert H. Bannon became most well-known and admired. Many of his students went on to become world class pipers and some even became Pipe Majors of Canadian Pipe Bands. It was Bob’s trust and faith in people that shone through all he did to impart the art of piping to those he taught.

He is fondly remembered for his altruistic nature in never asking for recompense. One of his former students echoes the sentiment shared by all who knew Robert H. Bannon – “he was a true gentleman.”

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